Apr 23

apparently tumblr eats any reply to messages i make on my phone




I’ve been playing Star Trek Online for three days and I’m already a higher rank than Harry Kim.

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'Meester Pigvig, 'e plenty good fella.'


'Meester Pigvig, 'e plenty good fella.'

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cybercitrus asked: the strangest part is I never figured you were Irish. Huh.

That’s okay. Most people here think I’m american cause of my voice. No one ever knows where I’m from~

good-ol-fashioned-family-fun asked: because you put your blog up on /co/mics and cartoons a billion years ago, and you followed back and we built a report, and you stuck around after my first blog was blasted off the face of the earth with piss.

Your first blog is with the angels now. It will piss around the solar system forever~

msquikly asked: i'm chilean and i'm in the other fucking side of the world, but u r the funiest and i can relate a lot with u

That’s okay. I’m chillin’ too B)


absolutejoke asked: I think SheezyArt got shut down in 2012 and it's been undergoing refurb (you can follow the updates on Facebook). It'll be back eventually I guess.

I notice there hasn’t been any updates since New Years. They’re stallin’

Art sites are kinda bleh these days. I haven’t really used my DA in half a year or so. Too many people RPing with my pictures -shudder-

inabasket asked: I follow you because dat butt hot

Oh you